Episode 36 – Eskrima, Arnis, Kali… Filipino Martial Arts: Interview with Jon Escudero Episode 36 – Eskrima, Arnis, Kali… Filipino Martial Arts: Interview with Jon Escudero

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This episode we interviewed master Jon Escudero of Lightning Scientific Arnis International.

3:50 – What is Arnis?

7:30 – The mixture of indigenous movement principles and borrowing from other cultures.

7:45 – Karambit knife **link**

10:30 – The warrior culture of the Philippines and the origin of FMA.

16:00 – On the sudden popularity of FMA.

18:00 – Do FMA have competitions and what are their importance?

21:50 – Has there been a change in the art since it gained more popularity?

25:55 – Why did you come to Israel?

27:00 – How did you start practicing martial arts?

31:40 – How did you find your teacher?

35:40 – On the principle of Cerrada.

37:50 – About the switch from Wushu to FMA.

40:10 – Jon’s teacher – Grandmaster Benjamin Luna Lema.

44:45 – About Lightning Arnis International today.

45:30 – On modernization of FMA.

48:15 – On the different names of FMA, and especially the contested name – Kali.

54:00 – Jon teaches in Tel-Aviv and other cities in Israel. You can find the full list of schools of Lightning Scientific Arnis in Israel and around the world here. Look for Jon in Seminars around the world.

56:15 – How do you think Israeli students are different from other countries? For those of you who do not speak Hebrew – Jon uses the word “MAKOT” (54:24). It roughly translates to street fighting or hitting.

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From Itamar and Yiftach – Keep on training!

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